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Trademark opposition

 , what is a demurral?
trademark opposition is specified in the trademark law and its implementing rules, preliminary examination proceedings for trademarks open for public comment, with the aim of trademark is indeed fair, open, raise the trademark quality.
trademark objection a wide range of content, including preliminary examination of trademark applications of trademarks identical with or similar, including preliminary examination of trademark violation of the trademark law of the disabled terms or trademarks without significant, also includes an applicant does not qualify.
trademark objection can be anyone, which can be either a registrant or non-registrant, can either be enterprises, institutions or individuals, can be either corporate or are unincorporated.
Second, the objection procedure:
complete book of the trademark opposition, fill out the name of the opposed trademark, product category, preliminary approval number, preliminary examination, of that period, the grounds for objection. Considers that objection to the trademark and the applicant is registered for use in the same or similar products of trademarks identical with or similar, should also fill out the applicant registered trademark product type, brand name, registration number, etc.
c, objection handling procedures:
1, trademark objection before the Board and relevant evidence, would reach the opposition objections a copy of trademark registration, and objections must be made within 15 days from the date of receipt of the opposition reply in writing. The opponent does not respond within the time limit as a waiver, does not affect opposition proceedings.
2, the Trademark Office of the objection and the facts and reasons given by the opposition, after investigation and verification studies, make a ruling.
IV and adjudication results:
Trademark Office made the ruling after ruling book sent to the opponent and the opponent. Adjudication has two results.
1, dissent is not a reason, after the preliminary examination of trademark registration;
2, the objection is justified, the objection is established, the original preliminary examination of trademarks shall not be registered.