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Trademark licensing

  1, a brief description of
trademark registrant may, by signing a trademark usage contracts, permits another person to use its registered trademark. Licensee shall license within 3 months from the date the contract is signed copies of the contracts submitted to the Trademark Office for record. Licensor trademark license contract filing procedures can trademark registration to the Trademark Office Hall financed or authorize the Agency nationally recognized trademark.
, processing steps (1), entrusts a trademark Agency for a trademark license contract filing, the applicant may choose any of the nationally recognized trademark Agency. All trademark office registered trademark agents are posted on the "agency" field.
(2), Hall directly to the trademark registration of the applicant for trademark registration application, applicants can follow these steps: prepare in trademark registration application form → accepted the Hall Windows application for coding Windows-tray barcode → → in the payment window paying filing fees.
3, the application form for the preparation
(1), should submit the application form for the
(2), a licensee to use a registered trademark license, application for a trademark license contract shall be submitted for the record.
(3), the applicant is a natural person shall submit a copy of valid documents to prove his identity (identity card) the applicant is a legal person or other organization should be stamped with the official seal of the applicant submitted copies of business licenses.
(4), trademark licensing contract copies or notarized copies of the trademark license contract.
(5), use of contract shall together with the corresponding Chinese translations in foreign languages.
4, trademark registration Hall for its own, shall be submitted to the people in charge of ID card copy.
(1), the principal trademark Agency, should also submit a power of Attorney for trademark.

5, specific requirements (1), all books should be neat, clear, filing the application shall print on my typewriter.
(2), the license contract the Parties shall sign or seal of the contract. Party is a legal person or other organization, it should be stamped with the official seal of the applicant, foreign legal persons or other organizations may be signed by the legal representative or authorized person.
6, application of, shall conform to the following requirements:
(1), the licensee of the application name, registration number, product or service name with the trademark registration certificate on the registrant's name, registration number, product or service names are identical.
(2), the license to use the product or service shall not exceed the approved use of the trademark registration certificate for goods or services.
(3), the term of the license shall not exceed the term of validity of the certificate of trademark registration on.
7, trademark licensing contract must contain the following clauses:
(1), the license to use the brand name and its registration number.
(2), the license to use the product and service range.
(3), the term of the license.
(4), the licensee for licensee to use its registered trademark of commodity quality supervision provisions.
(5), the licensee in the licensed trademark of goods indicated on the licensee's name and terms of the origin of goods.