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Trademark modification

  1, a brief description of
trademark after registration is approved, on behalf of the trademark registrant, address or other registered matters concerning the changes, shall apply to the Trademark Office for the corresponding change procedures.
2, handle the way
application to change the trademark registrant, address or other registered matters concerning the two ways:
(1), commissioned by the State-approved trademark agents for change.
(2), the applicant directly to the Trademark Office's trademark registration lobby to handle.
3, and should submitted of applications pieces for:
(1), and trademark change applications (according to application handle of specific content select book type);
(2), and applicants of identity proved file (license copy, and ID,) copies;
(3), and delegate agent of submitted agent Attorney, directly in accepted Hall handle of submitted handling people of ID copies;
(4), and application change trademark registered people name of, Should also be submitted to the registration authority proof of change;
(5), the application document is in a foreign language, should also be provided on confirmation by the translation agency signed a Chinese translation. Submit application form

4, (1), the applicant directly to the trademark registration lobby to take care of, the application form is ready, in the Hall of the trademark registration application processing window to submit, by staff at the window to confirm the application for eligibility.
(2), entrusts a trademark Agency, by the trademark agency delivering a copy of the application form for the trade mark Office.

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