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Trademark annual meeting concluded successfully

  2012 China trademark annual meeting yesterday (5th) in Kunming successfully concluded. This trademark annual meeting for a period of 3 days, over more than 10 wonderful around the trademark attracted from all over the world by many experts, scholars, and business.
ordinary numbers appear in the trademark as little as possible, Shanghai story names such as trademark is not approved. Yesterday (5th), Chinese and foreign trademark agency Roundtable lasted from 9 o'clock in the morning to more than 12 points, the State administration for industry and Commerce Trademark Office reviews second Sun Zhangyan, Director of the review procedures of the relevant issues in a speech. For example, she said, trademark review is very strict, following adoption of the initial review, an inspector with absolute grounds, two key reasons review. Like there was one pear shape is used to apply for a fruit shop, but the name was rejected, but if the application is made is possible. There are still business applications "pure" name brand of edible oil was also dismissed, XXL or hundred Yuan as a clothing trademark application is to be rejected. "Pure" implies that the quality of cooking oil so I can't review. Hundred and XXL are lacking the trademark is rejected, XXL clothing size alone as a trademark, or XXL for apparel market can not. "
Sun Zhangyan for example, such as" once you have, nothing for "slogans, such as applying for trademarks is likely to be rejected, since it is non-creative advertisements, it is recommended that companies applying for a trademark try not to use long sentences.

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