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ST golden dome be prosecuted for trademark management vulnerability

  It is reported that the Corporation counsel of Sanxingdui, ST management problems because of its golden dome, and subsidiary of the Chengdu company disputes on trademark issues, led to the company is unable to continue and drive the company's cement production contract, to ST jinding claims 6 million Yuan.
reporter access to materials in September 2011, and ST Chengdu jinding Atomics company and create thread company reached a production and sales "Mount Emei" cement of the trademark agreement. Chengdu company, but because of the existing device is not working properly, and Sanxingdui have cement production capacity of the company, and Chengdu and drive company found the Sanxingdui company commissioned the production. After
, Sanxingdui company and the Chengdu branch of the cement production contract was signed on November 30, 2011, agreed the Sanxingdui company entrusted by the Chengdu company, producing different levels of 100,000 tons of bagged cement. Then Samsung company and drive the company has signed the sales contract, entrusted with the production of cement sales directly to the drive companies, and drive the company's own company to take delivery of Sanxingdui.
only accidents, Chengdu, then ST Golden says the company has no right to use the "Mt" brand trademark, requires company ceased production of Sanxingdui. Meanwhile, Sichuan provincial trade and Industry Bureau on suspicion of violating "Mount Emei" right to exclusive use of registered trademarks for the Samsung company for investigation, and to "Mount Emei" trademark holder ST Chengdu jinding disapproved the use of its trademark for the Samsung company decided to impose a fine of more than 5 million Yuan.
DUI said their inquiries to the Chengdu company, Chengdu on delegate was sent to Sanxingdui company production and sales of "Emei Shan brand" reply back to the legality of the product, called ST golden dome of Chengdu, the controlling shareholder of the company, "Mount Emei" trademark in 1991 has been priced into Chengdu, Chengdu has every right to use and allow others to use the trademark.
ST and Chengdu jinding company for trademark issues tie, the Sanxingdui think innocents to be punished but to company and ST Chengdu jinding were taken to court.
ST and Chengdu jinding company "Mt" brand trademark problem is clearly not sorting out.
"," Emei Shan "is now the Sichuan province famous trademark, is ST golden dome production relied on the main brand, can be said to be ST Golden Summit one of the most important intangible assets. If Chengdu sued through the trademark will be substantial negative impact on the ST golden dome of the bankruptcy reorganization. "People in the industry told reporters.