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Writers voice says the name they want to prosecute the violation of trademark law

  the voice of China since the launch of gossip, this huaxi City newspaper reporter yesterday (6th) was informed that the authors one by one with TV viewers and consumers of personal identification, said to be the voice of China to court, and call it changing the column name, to a national audience and netizens making a public apology, and compensation for the moral damage compensation money. Last (6th), the voice of China show Miss Luo told this huaxi City newspaper reporter said, "we did not concern the so-called writers did not know who he is, nor have we received any complaint or summons. "
it is understood that one by one said on Twitter, the popular voice of China there are reasonable factors, but it involves" China "references to column names and" large inspirational music show "is the main slogan of the obvious violations of the trademark law, advertising law, as well as the relevant provisions of the consumer protection law smacks of. One by one, "said difficult not only to participate in the talent show singer is ' the voice ', on the contrary, others didn't go to poor sound? Apparently on others to take part in the talent show singer not fair! Moreover, a small local TV, how easily you can use Chinese to name a TV? "One by one recent Sun blogs out of the complaint, and said it will work with at least 100 well-known Chinese singers jointly prosecuted.
one by one of the prosecution's move, one analysis is likely to bring big trouble renaming the voice of China.