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Blue Crown Taobao shop suspected of counterfeiting a registered trademark by the public prosecution

  Taobao, a company with two blue Crown, favorable rate 100% shop profile statements "only sell genuine bags, refuse to fake", and provides recognition of authenticity, but the total value of the store sells millions of brand-name bags are all fakes.
recently, Shenzhen Baoan district people's Procuratorate to the crime of counterfeiting registered trademarks to its prosecution. This bait Taobao shop named "legends visitors", shopkeeper Liu is 42 years old, Bachelor degree, since 2006, opening shop in Taobao. 2009 up, Liu a in not made long gallop, and lishibao and Kipling brand company authorized of situation Xia, in its shop sales above fake registered trademark of female package, weekly from Guangzhou yuexiu district of long dragon shoes city into purchased large of fake long gallop, and lishibao, and Kipling three a brand package package, through its in Taobao of shop to about authentic price of one-fifth around of price for sales.
November 17, 2011 police received a report in Shang Tang Fu Feng Jing Liu captured community shops, seized on the spot fake long Gallop 4,764, and seized counterfeit cialis 692, and seized fake Kipling bag 246, total value of 1226333 Yuan. According to Liu in Taobao's sales records, since the beginning of 2009 to the incident during Liu sold fake long gallop, lishibao and registered trademark of Kipling products amounted to 2593721 Yuan.
surprised is that Liu has two blue Crown Taobao accounts, praised up to 100%, their shop Home prominently, claiming that "only sell genuine bags, refuse to fake" bag true and false description, detail showing customers recognition of genuine quality prevention methods at their disposal, and pledged to counter the inspection. Not only that, but the shop also signed a service agreement for consumer protection with Taobao, promised to "7 day returns" and "24 hour delivery", and presented a deposit of 1000 Yuan.