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ESPN. COM to snatch 3 confusing trademark domain name was rejected

  September 6, United States Connecticut, ESPN the company, to the United States National Arbitration Commission for arbitration the dispute domain name espnshowcaseflorida.come, and espnsportsnetwork.com, and espnnetworksports.com.  
complainant United States Connecticut, ESPN is the world's largest run on United States cable television networks, with "ESPN" federally registered trademarks, complainants and the disputed domain name is registered trademark of "ESPN" easy photo into confusion, it is understood that three disputed domain names were registered on October 23, 2011
(Espnshowcaseflorida.com), October 7, 2011 (espnsportsnetwork.com) December 20, 2011 (espnnetworksports.com).
United States National Arbitration Board considered the complainant disputed domain names held by complainants the exclusive trademark "ESPN" acquaintances likely to cause public confusion, but the respondent did not make use of the disputed domain name to the complainant for malicious competition and other commercial income, failed to outwit three elements of arbitration standards, rejected the complainant's request for arbitration.