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Apple vs Poland online supermarket A.pl trademark infringement

  according to foreign media reports, Poland the Patent Office spokesman Adam • Tao Urquhart (Adam Taukert) said, "Apple's brand awareness is very high, Apple claimed that using the Apple name A.pl statements similar to the domain name, it is in Apple's fame. "A.pl Chief Executive laduosilafu·sailinsiji (Radoslaw Celinski) says:" (Apple) this allegation ludicrous. "This site is evaluating Apple's allegations.
in the prosecution of Korea Samsung company for patent infringement after the win, Apple will now turn its sights on a smaller target--Poland online supermarket sites A.pl. Poland the Patent Office said on Tuesday that the iPad and the iPhone and iPod maker has submitted a copy of the indictment, alleging that the Web site in order to attract users, and its Web site logo using Apple's trademarks and the domain name sounds similar to the Apple name.
this indictment against Apple, Poland the Patent Office did not set the hearing time. Apple on this case the agent employed by law firms Baker & McKenzie, the media did not have access to the law firm comments on the above message. Apple is expected to release a new iPhone on Wednesday.