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Trademark cybersquatting cybersquatting-site claims

 , Zhongshan Namgyai Electronics was founded has been engaged in product development, but suddenly there is an electronics company employees come to claim. In fact, "Namgyai electronic" trademark in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shanghai and other places has already been registered. According to insiders, Zhongshan companies as OEM processing plants for a long time, without independent brands, also did not notice the brand cultivation and development.
"Although Namgyai for many years, but is now forced to take tens of thousands of dollars to buy someone else's trademark.
"according to the newly-established Zhongshan Huifeng head Zhang Qiunan Attorney profiles intellectual property services, including a number of internationally renowned companies, and Zhong Shan long as OEM processing plants, no independent brands, also did not notice the brand cultivation and development.
it is understood that by 2008 in intellectual property disputes, stood in the dock of the times, the majority of enterprises in Zhongshan. Since then, with the "made in China" concept, companies began to pay attention to brand, started right and rights protection brand.
"galore" Zhong Shan in the area of food production is a national famous trademark, but also often being used by other enterprises of counterfeit. Lawyer Zhang Qiunan said the company's trademark case to protect the brand, galore food companies long involved in the fake trademark case. In 2009, the fraudulent use of a food company in SHUNDE jiahao trademark, was sued by the jiahao. In addition to legal powers, jiahao have registered more than more than 200 defensive trademark, "not only all 45 trademark has been registered, fuzzy sound associated with the associated font, also does a trademark registration. "It is understood that most service firms are focusing on match-fixing and protection of intellectual property rights in Zhongshan, but indeed, less maintenance, alerts and other areas," as business expense paid, corporate data, trademark renewals are no one to remind enterprises, wait to be counterfeit check it when it's too late. ”