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Talent recruitment

  posts duties:
1, and around market strategy developed intellectual property sales strategy plans and implementation, do sector monthly summary and work plans, constantly improved and improve management level;
2, and real-time control, and supervision sales business of carried out situation, led, and guide sales team, ensure completed team sales target;
3, and training, and assessment, and management intellectual property sales team, specification sales operation process;
4, and do sales urged collection work,  On time charged customer needed paid of the costs;
posts requirements:
1, and 2 years above sales management work experience;
2, and at and people contacts, has good of communication and social capacity;
3, and has team management, and effect control and incentive training capacity, excellent of market sales, and business negotiations and customer relationship management capacity;
4, and has keen of market smell, can from market marketing of angle solution intellectual property business in the of the problem;
Treatment: the company will provide a fully display your talent platform and competitive salaries.