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What is graphic trademark

  graphics brand graphics that can be used to cover a wide range, with unlimited space and is easy to express the visual appearance, it is not affected by the limitations of language, no matter what language is used in countries and regions, as long as people know the graphic is easy to identify.
in General, a very simple geometric forms (for example, a straight line, a curve, rules of the triangle) form the subject of graphic trademark, will easily be considered the lack of a significant nature.
have a distinguishing characteristic of the graphic trade mark should have clear of composition and Visual Center, see the graphic will make one could think of a name. Otherwise, a messy combination of graphics, no body or more than one subject, recognition memory is detrimental to consumers, is not conducive to call names, even if allowed to register, it is also very difficult to be protected. When using graphics consisting of trademarks,
, you may not use the trademark law tenth, 11th in the prohibition of the use of graphics.
due to the ever-changing expressions of graphic design, even the same object, can be designed to have a distinction of different patterns, is used in a variety of graphic trademark. In addition, because everyone's intuitive feel for graphics are different, can cause a variety of subjective judgment, so if there is no original designs, pure graphic trademark before registration review and difficult text of protective registration trademarks should be larger.