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Trademark inquiries introduction

  trademark query refers to the trademark applicant himself or entrust a trademark attorney to the trademark registration office queries relating to registered trade marks, to find out where they are registered trademarks of whether someone else has registered or is registered trademark identical or similar programs. Before applying a query, is an important step in applying for trademark registration, the query result is not legally binding, but it can make the trademark applicant aware, reducing blindness, it can greatly reduce expenses at the same time, strive for more time.
trademark trademark information queries can query to the database, so there are gaps, usually in the 6 months before you make a trade mark trade mark applications approximate queries to increase the success rate of trademark registration.
the provisions of the trademark law, applications for registration of trademarks, if its with others in a class or a similar product is already registered or applications for preliminary examination and notice of trademarks identical with or similar to the preceding, the Trademark Office rejected the application, no publication. Should therefore be queried before applying, so as to make possible the mark was approved, and a registered trademark from trademark office notices typically takes nearly a year, was rejected because there is no query, is not only a waste of money, but more importantly is a waste of time, delayed use of trademarks.