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Trademark inquiries

  proved registered obstacles
as submitted trademark registered application Qian of prepared work, trademark query often is very necessary of, especially Dang intends to application registered of trademark on applicants very important, applicants hope improve registered of success rate, or trademark itself of originality poor, as for representative common things of graphics, and text or pure text trademark words less, exists prior registered and the application of possibilities larger Shi, Trademark queries can be made whether the applicant for the trademark registration more easily achieves knows fairly well. If the query results show that does not exist in the same or similar goods has already been registered or has applied to identical or similar trademarks, trademark queried by the end the possibility of registering. If found same or approximate of prior registered or prior application trademark, applicants on must faced select, is still will by query of trademark application registered does, also is reversed course, on trademark for modified or on commodity for adjustment, or simply start, even gave up submitted application; insurance side, also can prepared a or several strain trademark, in strive to main target trademark registered of while, submitted several alternate of trademark, once main trademark was refused to registered, other trademark still can organic will get registered and put using. Safe use of

find out the trademark can in most countries, the censors required substantive examination of trademark applications and trademark from the date of submission of the application to obtain trademark registration takes about two years, and some countries even for six or seven years. During the lengthy application process, the applicant as not sure whether the trademark to be registered, often assured using its trademark. Queries if you do not rush to use, there may be two unfavorable situations: one is a trademark infringement of others; the second is trademark ultimately unable to get registered and to renounce the use, has been put into the trademark promotion and established goodwill evaporated. Therefore, if the trademark owner to use their trademarks, trademark queries is necessary before use. Registered trademark
found/> trademark is a universal phenomenon, if a trade mark has a certain reputation, products sell well; it is likely to be other people first to register in their own name. Perpetrators often have three categories: one is the trademark owner's partners, such as sales agents. Their aim is often to gain or consolidate their status of sole agent, or the person to be registered to obtain high transfer fees; the second is "the hitch-hiker", that is, attempting to use are registered trademarks of good reputation, conscious consumers mistake caused undue interest, which usually are producers of similar products. Third, trademark brokers, pure vampirism are registered brands transfer fees or royalties purposes registered the trademarks of others and rush people and have no intention of using the registered trademark. The latter often take the initiative after the rush, to be registered at the appropriate time to coerce people, extorting money transfer fees or royalties. While the first two are often after registration to sit on their hands, not in a hurry even deliberately avoid revealing facts of his rush. Thus, trademark queries as soon as possible, to find trademark, to mitigate or avoid and recoup their losses, it is of great significance. If a query about registered trademarks still in the application stage, has not been registered, you can notice in the dispute in a timely manner during the protest. Otherwise, the rush to apply for trademark registration revoked would be much trouble. Has been used or intend to use trademarks trademark queries for discovering national trademark and to take measures to prevent, curb and back are registered trademarks are very important.

information about the application progress in most countries, trademark applications after examination as to substance by the censor can register, approved by the reviewing officer will issue a notice to inform registered the trademark application has been accepted, will be published on the notice of objection. But there are also individual countries censor in trade mark applications adopted after examination as to substance does not send notifications, under the circumstances, for trademark queries may be effective ways to learn about the progress. If a trademark application has been registered by trademark examiners agree and scheduled an announcement, you can retrieve the time of that announcement.