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Characteristics of the trademark

  1, significant. Trademark to distinguish it from other trade or service mark, have a particularly significant difference function, to facilitate identification by consumers.
2, exclusive. Owner of a registered trademark the trademark has the exclusive right, to the protection of the law without the permission of the trademark holder, no person shall, without authorization, using the registered trademark identical or similar trademarks, otherwise constitutes infringement of registered trademark rights of the trademark owner will bear the corresponding legal responsibility.
3, value. Trademarks represent trademark owner or operator's reputation for quality and corporate reputation, image, trademark owners by trademark creativity, design, registration, advertising and use of trademarks have value, and also increase the added value of goods. Values can be determined through the assessment of the mark. Mark may transfer, by the trademark owner's consent, to authorize others to use.
4, competitive. Trademarks are the carrier of information, is a tool for participating in market competition. Producers competition is the competition of goods or service quality and reputation, in the form of competition is brand awareness, brand awareness, the higher the competitiveness of their products or services better.
5, attachment. Trade mark is a mark used on goods or services, and the goods or services cannot be separated and attached to the goods or services.
6, visibility. Trademark is composed of text, graphics, letters, numbers, three dimensional marks and color combinations, as well as the visibility flag of the combination of the elements above.
7, nature. Trademark significance was defined as an exclusive legal symbols, meaning consumers of trademarks represent ambiguity. Trademarks of ambiguity, the higher cost is higher, as consumers need to choose from one of more significance. For example, a reference to the great wall, is an ancient building of the people first thought. If the great wall as a beer brand, great wall can become difficult to have a direct association with beer. Therefore, any trademark, as a carrier of the brand symbol, if there is a meaning of deviation, it reduces the exclusivity of the symbol, thus increasing the cost. Such as melatonin, if referring to Platinum, people first think of expensive jewelry. However, melatonin's "brain" in front, connect is an expensive brain health products. Therefore, melatonin's trademark single nature is quite high. As a TV company will have environmentally friendly color TV on the outer carton printing as "Green TV". Environmentally friendly products can indeed be called a green product, but a big proportion of the consumers, missed the green color TV as a shell is Green TV, this is the ambiguity of language improved the cost. When TV was renamed green after Green TV, until the problem is resolved.