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Role of trademarks

  trademark in the different role played by the different nature of the society, but ruled out political, economic factors which impact the trademarks, trademarks generally has the following function.
1, differences between similar products of different producers and operators of
in the modern commodity markets, thousands of suppliers of goods. Consumers, therefore, if you are familiar with the trademark for goods, you know which companies produce goods. This is like a man's face a person, face of the trade mark as a trade, became a symbol of an enterprise-specific merchandise, and product sharing weal and woe, represents the product reputation, and directly related to the evaluation of commodity producers and operators. Enterprises also have their own distinctive logo and showing your own unique, which makes the whole market presents inner activity. This is the trademark of the most essential and basic function.
2, the difference between quality of goods produced by different producers
what to choose consumers based on what product do I need? Brand loyalty is undoubtedly based on these commodities to choose, and brand loyalty is closely linked with the quality of goods. In this sense, trademark is a sign of certain quality of representative goods, enterprises trademark is used, it means that product quality certificate was signed on commodity problems, consumers can be found under their own trademark suppliers, thereby strengthening the oversight of consumer businesses. Enhance corporate responsibility, to guarantee and improve the quality of our products and efforts to create famous brand.
3, facilitate consumers to identify brand purchase
due to a wide variety of goods, articles, ratings, specifications and color, not the same features, if goods do not have brand awareness for people to distinguish the goods, it would appear very chaotic situation, consumers will be in front of a wide variety of goods at a loss, a loss. Enterprises using the trademark to distinguish them, consumers under trade mark to identify the goods, recognition card purchases, saving consumers ' shopping time, enhance consumer confidence in shopping to guide consumers ' shopping orientation. While trademark has become a consumer with the link between commodity producers and dealers.
4, in favor of commodity advertising
trademark as a symbol reflects the product's quality and credibility, nature also became a very effective means of advertising. Use of promotional merchandise, concise, eye-catching, and is easy to remember, to enhance advertising effectiveness, to impress consumers, to attract evoked the "buy as soon as possible" the desire, so as to achieve the effect of creating famous brand, expanding market. Many successful commercials repeatedly strengthened its product trademarks, such as "new" brand refrigerator TV ads, ads throughout the lyrics only one sentence: "Philip Xinxiang, new flyer. "Coupled with moving picture, left a very deep impression to the audience. Other ads of the well-known trademark such as "Panasonic", "gold", "Toshiba", "Coca Cola" are trademarks of publicity in the most visible place.
/> 5, in favor of beautifying the commodities a well-designed logo, giving commodities put on a beautiful coat, can increase the beauty products, improve product value, expand commodity sales. Nanjing produces the "ballet" brand of Pearl cream designed, very modern style, created a stir in Hong Kong, has won the consumer, all of a sudden become a brand-name merchandise. Another example is "flag" car trademark, "Kuei" very good beauty cosmetics brand, its products considerably. Of course, the most important is quality of goods, only on the premise of excellent quality, beautiful logo designs, can we truly enhance competitiveness, on the contrary, if the poor quality of goods, is the logo and then the United States, it is useless.

6, contributing to the development of international trade since the opening and development of China's foreign trade has greatly, the trademark is more and more significant. In international trade, trademarks are very important, international trade without trade marks, in particular trade toward the West. Export commodities on the trademark, and trademark registered in a foreign country to obtain legal protection for trademarks, to protect legal rights of commodities in local, export expansion, and plays an important role. Meanwhile, trademarks also marked the export of technology, showed that the quality, representing the national production level and reputation, can play a role in promoting foreign trade. Establishing brand loyalty, create well-known trademarks in the international arena, for strengthening the competitiveness of our exports in the international markets, promote the development of China's foreign trade is very good. Yiqian, takes note in this regard is not enough, that famous trademarks to be abused or at all leading, causing great losses, it is worth drawing from the lessons in the future.
7, contributing to the development of competition
trademark is a sign of commodity credit. Reputable trademark and competitive, the inevitable result of brisk; bad reputation of the trademark, and weak competitiveness, the inevitable result is slack. Brand loyalty is critical in the market competition, a reputable brand, improving product competitiveness, open, plays a very important role in the sale of goods. Products on the market subject to public inspection and supervision, participate in the competition, the market competition is the product variety, quality, price and other factors of competition, and this information is passed to consumers by trade mark the bridge, so that fair competition in the market, must use the trademark to be involved. The widespread use of trademarks, the corporate market, and the successful use of trademarks made significant economic benefits, and encourage enterprises to improve product quality, increase varieties, creating and maintaining a well-known trademark, to mark this concise and powerful form of fair competition, opening up markets, guiding consumption.