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Trademark classification

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with the development of commodity economy, product varieties more trademark use has become more extensive, so the criteria for trademark type and angle is also varied. Trademarks can be divided into the following types:
1, classified according to the structure of trademark, can be divided into text marks, signs, trademarks, graphics, marks, combining marks.
2, sorted by function and use of the mark, could be classified as trademarks and service marks.
3, categorized according to the intended use of the mark, can be divided into joint defense in trademark, trademarks, certification marks and collective marks.
4, sorted by brand management can be classified into registered trademark and unregistered trademark.
5, sorted by usage of trademarks, can be divided into marks and alternate marks.
6, categorized according to the meaning of the mark, can be classified as having no meaning meaning trademarks and trademark.
7, sorted by degree of brand reputation in the market, could be classified as ordinary trademarks and famous trademarks.
8, classified according to mark carrier, can be divided into flat marks, three-dimensional marks, sound marks, smell marks and so on.