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What is a trademark

  trademark (trademark), which is different from the ancient imprint. Logo as the logo carries the intangible assets of enterprises, Enterprise integrated information transmission medium. Trademark as the main part of enterprise CIS strategy, corporate image transfer process, is the most extensive and highest frequency, but also the most crucial element. Powerful enterprise overall strength, perfect management system, quality products and services, was covered in symbols, through constant stimulation and repeatedly portrayed deep in the public mind.
trademark is a kind of legal language, is a production operator in the production, manufacture, processing, selected or distribution of goods or services, in order to distinguish the source of goods or services, a distinguishing characteristic of the sign, usually composed of text, graphics, or their combination. Approved and registered by the state trademark for "registered trademark", are protected by law. Right to a trademark registrant.
logo design to concrete objects, events, scenes and abstract the spirit, concept and direction through the special graphics set, makes people see the trademark at the same time, Association of nature and on the business identity. Trademark and corporate management is closely related to trademarks are daily business activities, advertising, culture, foreign exchanges are indispensable elements, it as your enterprise grows, its value is growing, has been asserted: "even if all assets of Coca-Cola's torch burned, Coca Cola with its trademark, you can back up." Therefore, enterprises with long-term vision, importance of trademarks as well as logos, early in the enterprises, a good logo design is an important carrier for subsequent intangible asset accumulation, if the characteristic does not objectively reflect the spirit of enterprise, industry, modelling beautiful science of signs, such as enterprise development, change, will generate unnecessary waste and losses. Bank of China logo was changed, only the national demolition to replace the outdoor media, resulting in a loss of 20 million.
in the field of business, trademark includes text, graphics, letters, numbers, three dimensional marks and color combinations, as well as combinations of these elements, can be registered as trademarks. Brand identity also has a distinguishing characteristic, easily recognizable trademark marking the consumer can products with other trademark or service mark distinguishes products or services of the same kind.
WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization,WIPO) official Web site answer: trademark is a mark for goods or services are of a specific individual or business goods or services produced or provided by significant signs. Brand's origins can be traced back to ancient times, when craftsmen whose signature or "tag" printed on their works of art or utilitarian products. With the qianliu, which evolved into today's system of trademark registration and protection. The system helps consumers identify and purchase a product or service, as marked by the special trademark on the product or service of the products or services of the nature and quality to meet their needs.
under the People's Republic of China trademark law (amended in 2001), their product (including services) and other goods (including services) distinguishes the visibility of signs (including text, graphics, letters, numbers, three dimensional marks, and color combinations, as well as combinations of these elements).
in the callout marks should be in the upper-right corner add R/TM: add r to circle is the "registered trademark" tag, meaning that the mark has been in the national trademark registration and Trademark Office examined by the Bureau, and became a registered trademark. R in the circle is the English Register register of initials.
registered trademarks are exclusive, exclusivity, uniqueness and so on, belonging to the owner of a registered trademark exclusively, is protected by law, any business or individual without the permission or authorization of ownership of a registered trademark, and may not use, or shall bear tort liability.

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